The Father’s Turn

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My child,


You seek my blessing and I rejoice in your bent toward Me. I grant You My blessing through trials and you complain that I’ve not been fair. Remember, the path to the banquet is through the valley of shadows


Climb into My Arms and let Me carry you through. Shhhh….be silent and know that My Own silence is My concentration, not lack of concern. 


You have need of endurance because no matter who you are the storms will come. Steadfastness prepares you to weather the storms, not be swept away by your own thoughts. 


Don’t be deceived, my dear child. Learn to distinguish between My Voice of Truth – and the evil one’s of guilt. If it comes from Me, then it will be good, perfect and full of Light. Can’t you see a big difference?


You were drawn into My Family because I wanted you. Not because of who you were, but because of My Love. I deposited My magnetic Word into your life and I attracted your attention. Your heart-soil is good simply because you are submissive to My persuasion.  You received the implanted Word as Truth so now I am constantly at work, transforming your heart.


What you will be….that’s not yet obvious, is it? But that’s not a problem for Me, precious one – why should it be for you? You are my work in progress, my dear clay – I’m patient with you. Learn to be patient with yourself


Keep your eye on Me, not on yourself. I can see your future perfected faith and that’s what counts. Be still. Take a deep breath. I’m your Father and I think you are precious. That’s all you need.