The Field Trip

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There is something enchanting about getting out of the classroom and onto the streets, no matter your age. Even as an adult, I welcomed a break from reading characters and learning sentence patterns. Living internationally for 30 days had raised plenty of questions, and Rebecca’s field trips proved magical. 

Whenever we were together, I peppered my Taiwanese guide with cultural inquiries. “What did that mean?” “How can I say this?” “Why did they do that?” No matter my questionshe answered quickly. 

The excitement of the trip wasn’t where we went but that she went with me. Young, vivacious, and adventuresome herself, Rebecca made even a military memorial fascinating. She spoke clear Mandarin, fluent English, and was just plain fun. With this personal translator by my side, even a city of three million no longer seemed daunting.

As Christians, we, too, have a personal Translator and Tour Guide with us every moment. As unique as Rebecca, the Holy Spirit has His own Personality and Disposition. He is not an abstract concept but one of the distinctive Individuals of the Trinity. Just like the Father and the Son, He, too, is a Person.

Without a physical body, the Spirit is difficult for us to understand. We try to use our natural minds to grasp His supernatural existence. But of the twenty-five or so names of Him in the Bible, each references the Holy Spirit as possessing knowledge, emotions, or a will—all evidence of a distinct personality. 

Consider the Holy Spirit as our Comforter. This is a word with many facets. Scholars use definitions like Advocate, Helper, and Paraclete to help us understand this relationship. But perhaps R.A.Torrey’s description resonates the most: He is our ever-present’ Stand-Byer,’ always ready to bring us peace and comfort in times of need. 

Holy Spirit is to us who Jesus was to His disciples. When they were frightened, He calmed. When they were confused, He explained. When they grieved, He comforted. And before He left them, He assured them that “He (the Holy Spirit) will be with you forever” (John 14:16). 

Can we grasp the truth of His indwelling Personhood? When we are lonely, we can say, “I am not alone; the Person of Holy Spirit is in me.” When confused, we can testify, “The solution remains unresolved, but I have the Living Mind of God here to show me the next steps.” When hopeless, we can verbalize, I may feel despairing, but the One within me is greater than these emotions. I will believe past my feelings and watch His power invade me with hope.”

My days with Rebecca as my stand-byer were delightful. Without a doubt, I knew she would get me on the right bus, order the best lunch, and resolve every cultural difficulty. I could look forward to each day as an adventure rather than a stressor. 

Yet, our spiritual Stand-Byer is even better than a translator or tour guide. His primary purpose is to guide into all truth, whatever the situation. Maybe the best description of Him would be as the Stand-In-er. Let’s meditate on His reality today and thank Him that His nearness is one with us. There is something magical about His field trips. 

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