God’s Petri Dish

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The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

Humanity looks for Him amid the fashionable, and we are disappointed to find so much emptiness there. We seek Him among the influential and are disillusioned by noteworthy lives. We hope for Him in the educated and are discouraged when we come to the end of human wisdom. 

Our search is misplaced. His entrance portal is always our fleshliness and is most easily found there. His hidden excellence is most readily seen in our places of failure, weakness, and defeat. As Andrew Murray says, “The Holy Spirit hides Himself in the weak things that God has chosen, that the flesh may not glory in His presence.”

Where are you most disappointed in yourself? Where are you most ashamed? Look for Him there. This Man of Suffering waits for you amid the trauma and the abuse. His Presence is more valuable than your strength.

The Word became flesh for the first time within Christ. Now, He desires to do so again and again, daily, within you and me. Your weakness is the best Petri dish for watching God’s power grow. Ask Him to reveal Himself clearly, for therein is peace.