Stimulating Spiritual Hunger 5

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You have more of the Word within you than you are currently accessing.


Think about it. You’ve read a multitude of verses in church or class. You’ve underlined dozens of Scriptures in your Bible. By now, you have sat for hours, reading the Bible in devotional books or just from your own copy of the Word in your lap.


You believe that the Word is active and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12). You faithe that the law of the Lord is perfect and able to restore souls (Psalm 19:7). You’ testify that His truth has transformed lives you know and you’ve rejoiced fully. Yet somehow the evil one has convinced you that the dynamic energy of His Word isn’t powerful within you.


This, my dear one, is a lie.


Greater is He within you than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). His Living Word is the representation of God that has been implanted within you (Hebrews 1:3; James 1:21). Let me repeat: You have more of the Word within you than you are currently accessing.


So today, I’m challenging you with another exercise to stimulate spiritual hunger. Previous exercises have involved getting you into the Word. This one involves getting the Word out of you.




Block off at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted silence for this activity. You will need several pages of blank paper and a good writing utensil.


Begin with a prayer of praise, thanking Him for His Word and His activity within your life. Spend a few moments focusing your thoughts upon His attributes. Now, ask Him to begin to bring verses or verse fragments to your mind. As He reminds you of His Word, write down what you can remember. Continue writing as long as He continues to bring His Word to your mind, leaving a few blank lines in between each verse or verse fragment.


If you remember the Scripture reference, include it. If not, don’t worry about it, just continue to write as He is speaking directly to you through the Word you have already hidden in your heart.


When you sense you have completed the exercise, use your computer to check the Scripture references. Read the verses both before and after the ones that He brought to mind. Fill in any blanks you may have left or add other verses in your notebook that He reveals as you search. Sometimes, when reading a verse He has brought to mind, I stumble across one that proves significant.


Reread through your entry.


  • What are the themes?
  • What word duplicates itself through several of the verses?
  • What is the Father saying to you specifically in bringing these particular truths to your mind?
  • What action is He calling you to take?


I’m excited to hear what He will reveal as you access just a fragment of the amazing power of His Word already residing within you. This may prove to be one of the most powerful activities we’ve shared together so far.


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