A Breath of Fresh Prayer

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Holy Father,


Your Word is a joy, especially in the midst of trials. Little by little, I’m  learning just how much my varying emotions need endurance to be perfect and mature. I want Your perfection, but for some reason, I’m surprised when You lead me through the testing needed to get there. 



You’ve told me that my goal is to lack nothing, but then I turn around and find myself lacking in wisdom. I know that You await ready to teach. My job is just to be willing to listen, huh?



Remind me daily that wisdom has to do with taking my hands off and allowing You to be hands-on. Indeed this should be my daily breath of fresh prayer



The problem is me. I second-guess Your wise answers. I want clarity, but then I try too hard to figure it out on my own. Help me wait for Your answers – to simply wait – and not disrupt Your work by jumping the gun. 




And then when I do hear from You, don’t let me forget where the Help came from. I want to brag on You, not the situation.




Thank You for being my Spark of Insight as I head into the holidays. Open the eyes of my heart to see the Hope, the Riches, and the Power that are all found in You. You promised to keep me together through all of this. I’m holding You to that. 



I love You. Thanks for loving me first. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.