Worry and Control

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My friend Kathy and I recently discussed this idea of worry and worship. 


She said, “We want to control the situations that affect us. When we realize we can’t, we turn to worry.


Hummmm. That’s true. 


But He has promised to accomplish all that concerns me and you


Then isn’t worrying about it a lack of faith?


Faith is not just belief. But believing that He is in the business of rewarding us as we believe.


So since distracted anxiety is not of faith, here are another couple of strikes against it:



(Kinda takes the fun out of it, huh?)


Now, I have to confess to you that ever since the little illustration the other day, I have actually had trouble falling asleep each night. It’s amazing how many things I have managed to have swirling in my mind.


So, I’m struggling with the same issues that you are. 


Does worship combat this displeasing sin of distraction?


Yes, not instantly, but yes, definitely


(But, I guess that since a thousand years is like one day to God, then maybe one hour of combating worry with worship is like a second to Him as well). 


Whatever overwhelms us, controls us


Sometimes, I wonder if worry doesn’t have control. But then He reminds me:


“Nope. Sin (worry) shall not be master over you.”


Let’s covenant to pray for one another. 


Pray that we won’t let worry have a foothold in our lives, but that we will fight back with worship. 


Let’s roll.