Years End….

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What words sum up this past year? 


  • Joy?
  • Grief?
  • Hope?
  • Despair?
  • Change?
  • Stuck?


No matter how we respond, this is the time of year to dump them all out before the Lord


I see these emotions and experiences like little Lego pieces




When our grandson Joshua was three, he received a new box of “safari” Legos for Christmas. His job was tear into the box and dump all of the pieces onto the table. Since he couldn’t  follow the directions page by page, his dad took over to assemble the safari truck, the elephant and the alligator. 


A Lego piece can be used to build a myriad of things. The result depends on the plan of the builder.


Andrew Murray says, “The cause of the weakness of your Christian life is that you want to work it out partly, and to let God help you. And that cannot be. You must come to be utterly helpless, to let God work. He will work gloriously.


Isn’t that great? Our job is to dump out the pieces of our life before Him and ask Him to do His very capable job of assembly. 


Making them fit together just isn’t our job.


Spend some time today verbally spilling last year out before the Lord. Then wait before Him to see what He will make out of your broken pieces.


Remember, manipulating your own outcome ended when you gave Him your life (Romans 6:2; Colossians 3:3). Lay aside whatever is in your past (Colossians 3:9). Instead, put on this new assemblage which He tweaks daily to look more and more like He does (Colossians 3:10). 


Father, fill me with Your Holy Spirit”.