“Words can’t explain God’s strength”

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This week , we continue hearing from faithful ones regarding His Power being made perfect in their weakness. 



Clifford Trull lost his dear wife of 32 years to pancreatic cancer in 2009. You may remember my mentioning his mom, Bobbie, who was my mentor for many years. 



Let’s pull our chair alongside Clifford, as he talks of God’s faithfulness throughout their 32 years of marriage and beyond:



“As Jean and I walked together through her declining health, I saw God’s strength coming to her in her physical weakness.  I do not know any other way to explain how she could have withstood the pain and suffering that she went through without God’ s Presence.  



“God’s strength was so evident as she told us that she knew that the end was near, and we all knew that God was in control.  I really did not realize how much strength God gave to me during this time until after Jean’s death.  I then realized that there is no way I could have made it through this time without His constant Presence with me.  



“I continue to be amazed each day at His power to help me through my weaknesses.  I see her picture and still sometimes have tears come to my eyes, but He gives me comfort and my day goes on.  



“Probably the main way that I experience His power is through the peace that He gives me each day.  He tells me, ‘Everything is going to be OK.  I will walk with you.’  I go through each day being confident of His strength.




 “When I feel weak, I start praying and thanking God for the many years that He allowed Jean to be part of my life.  I thank Him for the three children that she gave me and how she prayed to make them who they are today.  I thank Him for the way she prayed for me and encouraged me in my work and ministry of music.  



“I look at her picture and thank Him for blessing me with such a wonderful, God fearing, and beautiful woman.  I think of the sweet times and don’t allow myself to think what might have been.  



“I remember Jean telling me one day, ‘I am not going to let Satan rob me of the joy of this day worrying about what will never be.’  I get strength from remembering that.



Words really can’t explain God’s strength



“In the 3rd chapter of Joshua, the people of Israel were getting ready to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  God told them to keep their eyes on the Ark of the Covenant, which represented His Presence with them.  The end of verse 3 and then verse 4 reads, “You are to move out from your positions and follow (the Ark).  Then you will know which way to go since you have never been this way before.”  I must follow God through every day, because I have never been this way before.



Clifford and Jean Trull (2009)




What about you, dear reader – how can you apply these truths today