Why My Sin Doesn’t Count

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I lay awake thinking about my comment. How could I have been so insensitive? No one really wanted to know my opinion anyway. And yet, I overelaborated, overdramatized and over emphasized to such an extent that I had rattled my hearer and embarrassed myself. When would I ever learn?


I got up and went into the living room. Picking up my Bible, I opened it to the place in 1 John where I’d been reading earlier in the day. “No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.” (1 John 3:9).


Well, that wasn’t true, I thought. I sure could sin and had proved it earlier that day.


(Whoa. Did I not believe the Bible? Was I doubting His Written Word?)


Deciding to give the verse a second chance, I opened it within the online Blue Letter Bible to check out the meaning in Greek.


“No one who is genneo of God”….Genneo – “begotten, perfect tense signifying a once and done completed action”.



“No one who is once and done begotten of God poieo harmartiaPoieo – “to produce, bear or shoot forth like trees, vines or grass”. Harmartia – “to miss the mark, to violate God’s Law”.



“No one who is once and done begotten of God produces or shoots forth the ability to violate God’s Law…”


(What? How does this work?)


“Because His sperma remains in him…(Sperma? Did I read that right?) Sperma – “the seed which contains the life of future plants; also, the semen virile.”



(Yep. I’d read it right. God’s sperm.)



“Because God’s sperm remains in him, they cannot harmartia (violate God’s Law) because they have been genneo (begotten) of God.”



(How can anyone say that I don’t violate God’ Law?)


The reference in the margin took me to Romans 5:13. “Sin is not charged against anyone’s account where there is no law.”


(Not charged? What does that mean? I’d better look that one up, too.)


Not charged – Greek: ellogeō – “an accounting term, to set to one’s account, to lay to one’s charge.”


My violation of God’s Laws (harmartia) aren’t tallied up when there is no Law. If there is no longer a law to break, then I can’t break it! (Hebrews 7:12) After all, the law wasn’t made for a righteous person anyway! (1 Timothy 1:9).


(My heart began to pound.)


Because I have God’s sperm within me, He  ledgers into my account only that which is holy – only charges up that which is righteous in my life (Romans 4:5). When it comes to balancing my life-book, God only and always tallies up holiness (Romans 4:7-8). Christ’s presence within me is the only item that God is looking for when He looks at me – not my words, not my deeds, not my thoughts (Romans 8:1-3). He is looking for Christ – His words that spill forth from me, His deeds that love out of me, His thoughts that transmit heavenly thoughts from within my mind (1 Corinthians 2:12-13).


I was stunned. My only response was praise (Revelation 21:5-6).


“For to me, to live is Christ (Philippians 2:21).


Christ, who is our life (Colossians 3:4).


“He who has the Son has the life” (1 John 5:12).


“He who believes in Him is not judged” (John 3:18).


“He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified” (Hebrews 10:14).


Hallelujah! It’s not about me. It’s all and only about Him. Hallelujah!


(What about you? Will you believe such a glorious truth as well?)