Who’s Your Daddy?

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  • By Hannah Persall Svebakken

As a child, I knew my dad was for me. I knew he was proud of me. I knew he loved me.  He regularly told me these things. He regularly talked with me and listened to me. I knew what was important to him and I knew he cared to know what was important to me. We laughed together often. I felt secure, seen, heard, and loved. 

I didn’t realize until adulthood what a rare gift I had: security in the love of a father. I knew my dad had my best interest at heart. Even when I may have hated the decision he was making for me, deep down I knew it was for my good. 

Because of the strong, authoritative, kind, enduringly patient, loving father that I have had, I have a beautiful frame of reference for believing in our good Heavenly Father. 

We have a Father who is for us, establishing good works for us (Eph. 2:4-10). A Father who is proud of his children, delighting in them (Psalm 147:11). A Father who is not shy about expressing his love and care for his children (Zeph. 3:17). A Father who shares his heart with his children (Psalm 119, Deut. 8:3). And who loves for us to express our hearts to him (Psalm 66:19, 1 Peter 3:12).

Our Father has made a way for us to have an intimate, eternal relationship with him (John 3:16)! He gives us good things because he delights in us (James 1:17, Psalm 84:11)! He has our best interests at heart, always choosing to work things together for our good, even when it doesn’t feel like it in the moment (Romans 8:28).

Our Father longs for us to feel secure, seen, heard, and loved (Psalm 18:16-19, Psalm 91:14-15). I believe this because God’s word says it is true (I John 3:1). And I have a frame of reference for believing it because I saw it modeled in my earthly father. 

He wasn’t perfect. He messed up in big and small ways. And that encourages my heart as a mom who is now seeking to pour love and security into the hearts of my children. The vessel doesn’t have to be perfect. And my vessel looks very different from my dad’s. But the main thing is that the Source of our love is the same. Because we have been filled up with an unending, never giving up, always and forever love, we are equipped to pour that out on those around us (I John 4:7-19).

So I want to publicly and wholeheartedly say, “Thanks, Dad, for pouring love out on me. It has made a tremendous impact.” 

And for those of you reading this blog post who didn’t have a picture of unconditional love painted for you by your earthly father: I’m sorry. My heart aches for the pain you may have felt in reading this. I want to be quick to say – Jesus is enough. Earthly pictures of heavenly realities can be so beautiful and helpful, but they are just shadows. Don’t long for a shadow when you have the REAL DEAL calling to you with open arms (John 5:24-29, Matt. 11:25-30).

Our Heavenly Father stands with open arms, willing to pour out storehouses of love on his children (Romans 5:1-5). And regardless of your experience with your earthly father, Jesus has made a way for us to approach the throne of grace with boldness (Hebrews 4:14-16). Because of the finished work of Christ, we can call him Abba Father (Romans 8:14-16).

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So while I am utterly thankful for a godly dad, I’m eternally thankful that my Heavenly Father loved me so much that he sent his OWN SON to make a way for me and you to be called sons and daughters of God (John 1:12-13).

This Father’s Day, I encourage you to seek what God the Father has to say about you. Start with the Scriptures referenced in parenthesis here. I hear the Lord washing over me his love of me, his forever daughter (Isaiah 43:1-2, Psalm 100, Jeremiah 31:3). This is the very best news for us on Father’s Day.