Where’s Your Underwear?

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“He has been looking forward to this party all week. We told him he could stay up late and eat with the adults. That’s a big deal when you are four.”

Issac’s dad was right, and as the night progressed, we discovered that this particular preschooler had a definite bent toward the theatrical. At first, he mingled with each guest, deftly delivering his best preschool jokes in between bites of cake. Then, he moved center stage once the sugar kicked in and began a ninja demonstration. Extroversion worked well for Isaac as he was quickly the life of the party.

When Isaac’s antics neared fever pitch, his dad diverted with a reminder of their agreement. “Now is the time to put on your pajamas, Isaac. And remember, no whining.” A knowing glance was exchanged between the two of them, and Isaac raced back to his bedroom without much fuss.

But, Isaac wasted no time regaining the limelight. To our delight and his parent’s dismay, Isaac bounded into the living room wearing most of his P.J.’s. His pajama top covered his chest, but his bottoms did not. The underwear, meant for his white derrière, was angled just so, atop his head.

I remembered this incident recently when reading through the armor of God. Although truth should be belted around my inner soul (Ephesians 6:14), I think I’ve been positioning it over my thoughts. I’ve been wearing my spiritual undergarment on my head!

Although truth is usually associated with knowledge, God’s intention isn’t meant to just cover the way we think, but the very source of our life. Paul uses the word “loins” in Ephesians 6:14 because it includes both the intestines and the genital area. This area is the seat of our physical strength and generative power, meaning truth covers us and our future generations.

Truth is defined as “that which agrees with final reality.” When putting on Christ as our belt of fact, we willfully align ourselves with His reality rather than the situations around us. His truth is more accurate than Covid, betrayal, or government upheaval.

Not only is His Word Truth (John 17:17), but Jesus Himself is Truth (John 14:6). Before further arming yourself against satan’s schemes, you must first put on Jesus. Without Him, there is no hope of righteousness, peace, faith, or salvation.

Pause for a moment and consider the source of your truth. Is it merely a head knowledge, listening to many messages, even memorizing verses, but never knowing Him (2 Timothy 3:7)? Or can you say that you meet with the Source of Truth, allowing Him to “constantly bear fruit and increase” within you (Colossians 1:5-6)?

If it’s the former, dear reader, take your underwear off your head, and step into Truth.