What is your purpose?

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Working from our innermost being to our outer, we are comprised of spirit, soul, and flesh. 


As we have talked about, the soul houses the mind and the emotions. 


When motivated by the outer world (flesh), our thoughts are selfish and want everything centered around our own desires


We also have the option to draw our soul’s strength from the implanted and Living Word, which resides deep within our spirit


Our minds (and emotions) can be “pointed” toward either the spirit of the inner man or the fleshly attractions of the physical world.


Do you see? Are your spiritual eyes widening?


The mind is to be flushed moment by moment with that which is Spirit.


We make a daily choice, determined to see the spiritual, not the worldly. 


I make this choice every morning as I am waking up. It’s pretty simple really (probably because I am pretty simple).


“God, I give You my thoughts and emotions. I determine to receive them from You today, not the world.”


This is the gradual process of being renewed in the spirit of our minds


Now, we may jump to the conclusion that we will now be perfect in our every attitude and response.


No. It’s not about us. It’s about Him.


Mark says, “He gives us victory enough to increase our faith. He allows us to fail enough to keep us humble.


God looks at our duality and says, “It’s okay. I don’t condemn you.”



I can live with that. How about you?