Weakness attracts Him

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Have you learned more about the way God works through weakness? I know I have. Something about hearing personal testimonies have really driven it home, huh?



Well, today – we may very well have saved the best for last. Blogger and mother of three, Morgan Everett reaffirms what so many weak people have mentioned – God speaks!





“We’d always intended to adopt someday, but when N entered our lives we were totally unprepared. Two years ago, we visited a local orphanage near our home in Taipei. The plan was to volunteer there once a week. However, three days later we were fostering a 3-month-old little boy in our home.



“From my very first moments with N, my weakness was made quite apparent. N was sick constantly. He rarely slept more than 30 minutes straight, even at night, because he was struggling with methadone withdrawal. Within a few weeks, I was sick and exhausted, surviving on less than 3 hours of sleep most nights, and wondering if I was cut out for this fostering thing.



“One night, my husband took our older two boys out. N and I stayed home – I with pneumonia and he with bronchitis. He began to wail, and I paced the living room with him in my arms, praying for strength I truly did not have. I looked up and saw us reflected in a mirror, a weary, hunched figure cradling a tiny, needy bundle of boy, and I heard God speak into my heart, “I will give you all you need to take care of him.” He reminded that we were all that N had on this earth and that even in my moments of great weakness, He would be my strength to care for N.



“The Lord truly became “my strength and my song” (Ex. 15:2). He never failed to supply His strength when I cried out to Him during years of long and sleepless nights, or during our long and difficult road to make N our son. He never failed to meet us in our weakness during the whole journey.



*Not when Taiwan changed its adoption laws and almost put an end to the adoption.


*Not when N’s birth mother disappeared and missed our court date.


*Not when the court tabled our initial petition.


*Not when N’s birth mother refused…then agreed…then refused to sign critical documents.


*Not when the US Consulate denied N’s visa request.


*Not when the process stretched to almost 2 years before it was finally (hallelujah!) completed.



I could have walked through precisely zero of those difficulties on my own strength. My heart simply could not have taken the heartbreak and anxiety of never knowing if today was the day that N would finally be ours, or the day we would have to give him back. And God knew that. And He walked with me and gave me His strength every step of the way.



“Our good and gracious Father changed me over those difficult years of weariness and uncertainty. I know that no matter what, He will meet me where I am, that I can always depend upon Him to supply exactly what I need…and that when I am weakest, I am most able to live in His strength.



“His strength truly is made perfect in our weakness.”





















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