Wasai. Now that’s a Shield.

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Today, we shift our attention to one of the most interesting and possibly surprising pieces of Spiritual Armor: the shield of faith. It is one heavy-duty item. Check out this informational video describing the Roman shield:



Now, we learned that the first three, Truth, Righteousness and the Preparation of Peace, were all standard defensive equipment. And, I have heard it said that the shield of faith is merely defensive as well. Granted, we are to pick it up so that we will be “able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one” (Ephesians 6:16). Yes, that’s defensive. But look at this:



Isn’t that powerful? If we put our faith around us and then still cower in fear, we will be “hacked to pieces”. Yikes. 


Our faith is meant to be a weapon itself. The evil one isn’t only launching flaming missiles at us from afar. He is also coming at us in hand-to-hand combat. We are to advance in faith, pushing back the enemy and knocking him off balance by our belief. 


Practically, we do this by affirming what and Who it is that we faithe. 


“As you believe in Jesus, use your voice to agree with all that He has said. Even the Hebrew word for meditate includes a connotation of speaking out one’s thoughts. But make that announcement more than just words. Make Him your purpose for life. As you speak out His Word, those words take action in power. Speak out your confidence in Jesus and then go on to allow His truths to change your life: “Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Col. 2:6).


Read the following statements of faith aloud to Him, pausing in-between sentences so that He can respond if He chooses:


  • Christ, I believe that You desire to speak to me.
  • I believe that You have given me the capacity to hear the spiritual Word.
  • I believe that I can come to recognize Your Voice.
  • I believe that Your Word has power, not just syllables.
  • I believe that You are transforming my life.”*


So what will it be for you today? Will you cover under your shield of faith or advance by actively believing in His Word? I’m praying for the latter.


*Quoted selection from Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word, p. 17