Waiting on His Presence

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Holy Father,

          We exalt You.  We give thanks to Your Name for all the amazing things that we have watched You do.  In perfect faithfulness, You unfold to us plans that You have ordained for us long ago.  That’s astounding!


          As we come before You, we ask that our whole family could join with Isaiah to say, “Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited!”.  I pray that You would reveal how bumps in our plans are actually just waiting practice – and boy, that seems really important to You!  Please teach us how to wait, Lord.  Show us how every time we wait on someone else we can actually turn into waiting on You.  We need Your patience.


          Make my family like a strong city – set up walls to keep us secure.  Keep our minds steadfastly trusting in You, because we know You are the way to true peace.  


         O Upright One, I ask that You make our path level – show us exactly where the Light is so that we might walk where You are already going .  Thank You that when we are in just a little Light, You promised that around the corner is a little more.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.