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I’m traveling today, so let’s revisit this earlier post. I always need the reminder. What about you?



This persuasion did not come from Him who calls you” Galatians 5:8


Ever think about all of the persuasions that come our way daily?


Billboards while driving. Side-bar ads while surfing. Conversation replays while just thinking. Good grief.


The best way to recognize the counterfeit is to study the original.

So what are some characteristics of the voice of “Him who calls you”?


First, His voice gives life


It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing” John 6:63.


The guys on the road to Emmaus had been discussing the events of the past few days and were quite discouraged. Yet, when He called, they recognized Him. “Wow, we should have noticed that while He was speaking to us on the road, our hearts started pounding within.”


His voice actually gets our heart racing.


I remember when I begin to recognize that Mark wasn’t just another guy that I knew. Mark had been sharing with me a truth that the Father had given him that morning. As I listened, I realized that God had lead me to that exact same Scripture that same day.


My body language may have been calm, but I could actually hear my pulse beating in my ears. “Are You trying to tell me something, God? Why are You talking to us about the exact same thing? Is this significant?


Well, 31 years, two daughters and four grandchildren later – yeah – I would have to say that was the persuasion of Him who calls….


Share a time that You heard His life-giving voice. What did He speak to you?