Upset and Hurt

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Jesus said, ‘Didn’t you know that I had to be dealing with the things of my Father?’ But his parents were not impressed; they were upset and hurt” (Luke 2:51, The Message).

I see myself in this story, but unfortunately, I’m not the one listening for the Father’s words. I’m the one upset and hurt. 

Jesus should have understood both my schedule and expectations of Him. Like His Jewish parents, when I conclude my religious ritual, I expect to move on to the next thing. When the allotted time is over, I am ready to return to normalcy. 

But, as I look for Him, He isn’t where I expect. Jesus rarely runs ahead but lingers within the temple of my heart. He is more interested in accomplishing the Father’s will in my life than keeping up with my timeline. When I am ready to wrap things up, He is still waiting for a heart change. When journeying with Someone Whose ways are higher than yours, you always risk personal disappointment. 

Have you ever been upset and hurt by prayer? What is your go-to reaction? Do you stay mad at God and pretend you no longer care? Or do you grapple with Truth to find answers?

When we find ourselves upset spiritually, Mary’s reaction proves our best response. After expressing her initial hurt, she pondered these truths in her heart. As the EasyEnglish Bible translates: “She thought about them a lot” (Luke 2:51).

Remember, Jesus understands how we feel. He invites us to return to where we last knew Him and stay around long enough to hear Him speak. Let’s grapple with His reasoning and ask Him to bridge the gap between our desires and His own. Ultimately, we all want to be about the Father’s business, and seeking Jesus in our spiritual upset can lead us there.