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What you see is what you get.


Ever met someone like that? Non-pretentious. Unassuming. Vulnerable.


You know – the kind of person who does what they say and is the same in public as well as private. Kinda refreshing, huh?


I’m talking about those that “practice what they preach” – a person of authority (Matthew 7:28-29).


It’s quite a novelty. 


But, since too many of our lives don’t have the power of carry through, our words don’t seem to have much “umph” to them. 


So, in order to add a little weight to our conversation, we borrow strength from phrases like: 


“I promise!”


“I swear to God!”


Doing so is like a croaking toad. He can swallow air to inflate his appearance, but at the end of the day, he is still just a frog.


Words aren’t our proof of wisdom. Christ is ….Remember?


The power of the Divine Logos lives within us. He is the Word and the Word is within us.


He is reality. Not just hot air.


So settle it within yourself. When you make a statement, “Let your yes be yes, and your no, no.” (James 5:12).


Allow God’s personality to be the energy behind your words. 


It’s better than looking like a toad.