Trauma Prayer

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O Tender Father,

I am so thankful that You do not avoid the crushed and brokenhearted but come near us in our agony (Psalm 34:18). Compassion sends You to those who’ve been battered with abuse and trauma. Although You are exalted on high, You willingly descend to be with all who are contrite and lowly of spirit (Isaiah 57:15).

I know You love me, but the evil one continues to circle me, seeking a place into which he may sink his teeth (Job 1:7; 1 Peter 5:8). I realize that his tactic is to wear me down, and knowing that, I should have been more prepared. However, my current condition is proof that this enemy is good at what he does (Daniel 7:25). Even though I want to stand against him, he seems to constantly harass my mind (2 Corinthians 2:11; Ephesians 6:10). 

Father, the spirits of fear and hopelessness (chaos, death, destruction) have a contract out on my soul (John 10:10). Although You purposed a life for me filled with a bright future (Jeremiah 29:11: Ephesians 2:10), I confess that my emotions and mind can hardly believe it at times. The spirit of despair has so clouded my thoughts that I feel abandoned in a pool of my blood. 

Every time a glimmer of You enters my awareness, I’m immediately reminded of (the abandonment, the rejection, the hurtful, belittling, and/or deceptive words, the domestic violence, the act of rape or manipulative touch) that I endured. Sometimes, I believe that I deserved it. Don’t leave me imprisoned by these thoughts whispered by the evil one (Luke 11:21).

Come Stronger One, be my Holy Deliverer. Release me from the contract that evil has placed on my head (Luke 11:22). As the Supreme Justice, You are sitting over the highest court and can nullify all evil schemes and tactics over my life (Isaiah 33:22). Release me from this brutal torment and avenge me of my adversary (Luke 18:3). 

You sent Your Son to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:16-19). Jesus boldly said that He had already fulfilled this promise (Luke 4:21). So, I too, want to receive my liberation over trauma and abuse. Begin Your mighty emancipation within me. 

As You heal me from the inside out, I ask You to close my ears to fear and failure. Open my ears to hear Your voice and motivate me to hide Your Word in my heart (Psalm 119:15). Strengthen my faith to be larger than my fear (Luke 17:5), for faith is the only victory that overcomes the voices (1 John 5:4). 

Release me from unforgiveness and bitterness. My emotions toward the one who caused this trauma are so strong, and I struggle between hatred and guilt in feeling this way. I am tired of trying, so I need someone to pray with authority over me. Send Your representative with authority to unbind these things, so I can let them go (John 11:44; 20:22-23). 

Spirits of anxiety and accusation, in the Name of Jesus, I demand you release your grip off my thoughts and emotions (Matthew 18:18). Your claws have dug into me the last time. With the authority of heaven, I order you to bend your knee to Jesus and press your face into the dust of humiliation (Philippians 2:10: Joshua 10:24). I bind your activity and hold my foot on your necks, awaiting the God of peace to crush you (Romans 16:20). Come Lord and shatter the teeth of fear and guilt, healing every puncture point they’ve made in me with love, truth, and Your holy validation (Psalm 3:7). 

Lord Jesus, I realize that healing takes time. I submit myself to Your divine prescription of health. Grant me patience and endurance to find freedom from this trauma. I believe in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.