Toss Away the Worry

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Remember learning about “merimnao”? 


(We talked about it last Monday, if that helps). 


It had the root word meaning “to be drawn in different directions”. Basically, distractions. 


Let’s dissect another verse that has that same word, “merimnao” in it. 


“…casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).


“Casting” – (Greek verb: epiripto) – to cast upon, a quick toss in the aorist tense meaning that it is considered without regard to past, present or future time. This verb is also in the participle mood meaning that it ends with either a -ing or an -ed. This particular verb is only used in one other verse in the New Testament: Luke 19:35.


all” – (Greek: pas) – each, every, any, all, the whole.


anxiety” (Greek noun: merimna) – anxiety from being drawn in different directions; from a root word meaning divided by distraction.


because” (Greek : hoti) – that, because, since.


cares” (Greek verb: melei) – to care for in the indicative mood meaning that it is a simple statement of fact. Also found in Luke 10:40


Isn’t it interesting that we have looped back to the story of Martha and Mary?


Martha says, “Lord, don’t you care?


Peter says, “Yes, as a matter of fact, He does.”


Just weeks into our marriage, Mark discovered that I could hit him with some very off the wall emotions. My explanations were not always logical and the volume of accompanying tears never helped to clarify the situations. 


Yet early on, Mark would respond, “I don’t exactly understand what you are feeling, but I do care.”


That was really what I wanted. I just wanted him to care. I often didn’t understand the feeling myself. Understanding wasn’t the biggest need. Consideration was.


Are you ready to write out your truth meditation for 1 Peter 5:7?  


Here’s mine: “God cares. It’s just as simple as that. And He actually cares for me. What a relief. So the minute I realize the bee hive of anxiety buzzing around in my head, I want to take a minute to toss it His way. ‘Here, Lord. Catch the busyness of the week and the lack of energy I feel to deal with it. I can’t have this in head or these distractions will turn to worry. Help me chuck each and every agitation Your way so You can figure it out. After all, You promised You care.”


So, what’s yours?


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