To See His Work

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I peered behind the curtained veil

I held my breath to peek

On He, Whose heart had captured mine

With glorious mystique.

I’d known Him since my childhood.

He to my spirit came

Upon my invitation

And cleared my heart of blame.

With childlike faith of simple trust

His gospel I believed.

Yet entered not into my soul

All for me He conceived.

“Take this my yoke upon you,

And thus you’ll learn of Me.”

Misread to mean religion

I changed to worker bee.

From mornings bright and early

to night times dark and deep,

I did for Him my duty

The jot and tittle keep.

Then gradually, I burned out.

My heart and flesh did fail. 

My zeal was gone. My passion dim,

Consumed, fatigued, and frail.

And then one day I saw it,

With revelation speed,

That easy is His burden

My toil He doest not need.

He did it all. It’s finished.

My conscience has been freed

From dead works busy serving.

Deliverance guaranteed. 

A once for all salvation

Includes His workmanship

Created in Christ Jesus,

Without further guilt trip.

“You’ve done it all!” my soul exclaimed,

“So what then is my part?”

He smiled and answered tenderly,

“Come see My work, sweetheart.”

And so with awe and trembling,

I gazed upon the throne, 

Amongst the glowing cherubim 

And radiance unknown.

There seated in His glory, 

The Father and the Son,

With Spirit joining to them

Interceding for each one. 

What is His job — This Jesus God?

Well, herein lies the key. 

He’s ever interceding now

To pray for you and me. 

And this one thing He asks of us,

Our mission now of worth —

To hear His prayers, agree with them

And bring them down to earth.

He lingers at the altar,

Our Royal Priest, He stands,

Awaiting intercession

From feeble hearts and hands.

The import of our prayer life

Seems small to His compare.

Imperative, He’s made them —

We’re flint that starts the flare.

Before His golden censer

Can smoke with fragrant fire,

Our bowls must fill with incense

Our groanings lifted higher.

We know not how to pray thus.

Which latchkey shall we use?

To open up His storerooms,

His pow’r and strength diffuse.

In might, His Holy Spirit

Helps weakness and defect.

Impotence and unfitness

Can never disaffect.

So, child, come boldly to Him,

Draw near to God this day.

Be strong and know your weakness

Is crucial when you pray.

When you and I can pray with Him,

And let Him bear the weight.

Then life and purpose — future, too

Have cause to celebrate. 

Photo by Sara Jeng Grewar - Follow her on Instagram!