To Kill the Cancer

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When the very first man lied to God, the molecule of sin infected and spread rapidly throughout his body. This cancer was not only fast growing, but contagious. Every subsequent person was born a diseased carrier.


Somebody had to kill the cancer and nothing seemed to work. Man tried to medications and procedures. Yet, this contagious carcinoma would always just pop up somewhere else in the body (usually on the tongue!). 


So God sent the Antiserum. The Holy Cure extracted all the past, present and future “car-sin-ogen”, injected them into His own vein and then died. The sin cancer wasn’t what killed Him. He gave Himself over to death, so that the malignancy would die. When He died, the power to infect died with Him


Death only has power over the contaminated. Death couldn’t grip the Antiserum, because the kind of Life that pulsated through Him was indestructible. 


When we believe this, we literally exchange our fragile, diseased life for His inextinguishable One. 


Our spiritual eyes are opened to see the incurable cancer is a thing of the past. We didn’t just have a heart transplant. Our Great Physician performed a life transplant. His Life for ours. 


Can you see it?


Our spirit is now His Spirit. 


This Life within us is what we are to focus on now. Not all of the picky little things that happen around us. 


Granted, we get distracted – a lot. 


And when we are distracted, we may notice that rigor mortis sets in. Our old muscles begin to contract and give the appearance (and maybe even sound) of the old way of life.


But this is not really our way of life now


When you notice rigor mortis setting in, just turn your focus off these fleshly muscle spasms and back onto the Final Life Reality



Father, grant me eyes to see my true state of health — from the inside out. May I not focus on the fleshly, which is passing away, but on the spiritual which is continuously alive. After all, You are my life.