To Do or To Be…

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In the garden, we were given two options: Life or knowledge. 


We fell into the desire to know, rather than the desire to be. 


This is still our main problem.


Something deep within us that would rather have an answer than be one. In fact, our religion is too often a fact gathering exercise rather than one of faith.


We know stuff about His Word, but are selective in our practice of His Truth. We choose what’s easy to obey and discard the rest. We spend time reading or maybe even memorizing the Scriptures, but display very little holiness. 


Sound familiar? 



Yeah, it’s straight out of the garden.



Here is what Andrew Murray said about the problem:


“He opens our eyes to the reason why so much Bible reading, Bible knowledge, and Bible preaching has so little fruit unto true holiness; because it is studied and held with a wisdom that is not from above, that was not asked for and waited for from God.”


Having an open Bible in your lap isn’t the source of your power. This is like holding an unplugged toaster and expecting the bread within to brown. The Word must be plugged into the Power Source in order to transform.


It’s not the knowledge of the words that are important. It’s the submission to them that grants change.


It’s not just putting the words into our minds, but the Presence of the Word living His Life from within us. 


Our gospel must be more than something we know, because it is received straight from the heart of God Himself.  


The Word is not received from a blog site or retreat – but is revealed through Jesus Christ.


Not in “persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Sprit and of power, that (our) faith should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God”.


Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Turn your thoughts and emotions toward Him. And in silent reverence, watch the reality of the heavenlies become evident inside you.  


Don’t try to understand Him. Just allow Him to be.