Time for Testimony

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As I struggle with hearing from Him clearly on this issue of my weakness/His strength, I have asked several stalwarts of the faith to describe their experience to us. For the next several days, we are going to be hearing how Power became perfect in the weaknesses of othersEach of these individuals have walked through personal tragedy, family illness or heartache and have obviously accessed His strength through the journey.



May the Father touch each of us with insights of faith as we lean in to listen.



Jeane Law is a cancer survivor, who months ago discovered its dreaded return: 




“From the moment my daughter Jan and I were told the statistics on persons with cancer of my type, at my age, I was overwhelmed with the information. My immediate thought was that I might not live very long and the first thing I said to Jan as we walked out was “Jan, I’ve got to go home and clean out my closets! You children will have a fit when you see all the “stuff” in them!”  


“We had other choices to make as I sat with my husband, Dan and discussed my taking chemo or doing nothing and living pretty comfort free for a time. I really wanted a chance to live longer than the stats! 



“But…at that very moment I truly did turn my care over to the Lord. I have been so surrounded by, and assured the prayers of hundreds of friends and strangers and have felt that the strength of the Lord was coming to me through their love and concern.



“My total helplessness to do anything for myself in the healing process, other than placing my body in the hands of professionals at the Cancer Center, and in trusting God to do His will in me, has been my strength and my confidence and my peace



“I went for my report today (January 22) on the results of the PETscan and celebrated with the doctor and with Jan as we were told the chemo had slowed the cancer and even reduced the cells in some places! We were encouraged to continue with the chemo treatments and we would test again after four more treatments to see the status of my cancer.



“I was encouraged to maintain as much of a normal lifestyle as possible and to enjoy the extended life provided to me. We were thrilled and grateful. I said out loud, in the doctor’s office, ‘Thank you Lord!”.



“I’ve been using the devotionals each morning in the little book “Jesus is Calling” and also the old classic, “Streams in the Desert.”  



Jesus is Calling” constantly reminds me of the Presence of Christ in my life and how He can be my partner in every experience of my life. “Streams in the Desert” always has just the right message to fit where I am! 



“I love my quiet time and it does truly give me the strength to face each day. This morning Jesus said to me in the words of the devotional, “Anything that tends to make you anxious is a growth opportunity. Instead of running away from these challenges, embrace them, eager to gain all the blessings I have hidden in the difficulties.”  



(Jeane and her daughter Jan Thetford)


That’s a great word, Jeane.


What anxious thought will be our growth opportunity today?