Time for Decision

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Dear Mentor,


I have a huge upcoming decision. Not only will it totally change my current schedule, it will also be a personal challenge. How do I make the right choice?


                                                       Signed, In a Quandary



Dear In a Quandary,


No matter what the decision, there are always some basic principles to keep in mind when making a choice.


  • Move towards the peace.


The decision making process for large decisions usually offers several steps along the way. Move as slowly as you can, giving yourself time for assessment. As you complete each step, whether it is filling out the next paperwork, completing the next interview or making the next phone call, re-evaluate yourself for peace after each step. Don’t move forward until you have peace about the last step of the process.


There is a difference between moving toward an emotion of feeling good and sensing the spiritual gift of His peace. Take time alone with Him to ask Him for clarity to know the difference between the two. Ask the Lord for discernment between His will  and your own will for yourself.


  • Seek wise counsel.


Share with a handful of people that know you well, asking their insight into the decision. Obviously, you want advisors who are Spirit-walkers themselves, not just opinionated counselors. Listen for the kernels of truth in what they say – both about you and about the choice. Allow Truth to weigh in heavily as you make your choice.


  • Double-up in hearing from His Word.


Give yourself plenty of opportunities for Truth to wash over your thoughts and heart. Add audio portions of the Bible to your down time in addition to your daily quiet times.


His Word is like an intravenous injection of insight flowing into our spirit. As He fills us from within, the overflow cannot help but spill out into our minds and help us sort through confusion. In the same way that I.V. medication may take a while to influence our bodies, our spirits may also need a period of intense Truth to affect our understanding.


  • Ask for prayer.


Coordinated prayer is a great help, “that thanks may be given by many persons on behalf (of) the favor bestowed upon us through the prayers of many” (2 Corinthians 1:11). I’ll begin lifting you up this very day.


He desires to speak to you. Join me in believing that He will.



                                       Grace and peace, Your Mentor