The word and the Word

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My dear one,


I’ve noticed your frustration when reading My Word. You spend the allotted time, but when you come away dry, your motivation wanes and your mind wanders. 


A printed word, in and of itself, is just a bit of ink, dried instantly upon a two-dimensional manuscript. Words cannot utter a sound or be distinguished with the fingertips. Although they may be dissected and analyzed, words are lifeless and powerless as long as the reader uses only eye with which to understand.


My Word, when read like this, remains dead to you as well – letter fragments, ordered line upon line from indistinguishable antiquity. Like something in your grandmother’s curio cabinet, curiosity without utility soon turns My Word into overlooked familiarity. As long as My Word stays outside of you, it remains depersonalized and dusty, sterile and easily forgotten. 


Yet, remember that the Word became flesh – moist, moving, messy (John 1:14). The Word hydrated off the dryness of parchment, into a breathing, speaking, touching Life that smelled like the garlic that I ate or the ground that I slept on (John 1:17; Leviticus 26:12). 


I was interruptive, gentle, challenging, calm. I touched, cried, yelled and whispered. I was and yet I still am. My form once flesh, My Life now Word. Still moist, moving, messy. Still breathing, speaking, touching. The difference lies in how you read (Luke 10:26). How do you read, by the way?


As print on a screen or life that interacts with your soul? In order to analyze or to animate? To index or inspirit? To investigate or exhilarate? 


I lived among the screech, the confusion, the interruptions, the mundane. Messiness is My speciality. I take it in stride. Let Me become flesh within you so that you know peace despite the pace (Ezekiel 36:26). 


I formed you from the dust of the ground You had form, but no vitality. Life only stirred within you as I breathed Myself into your nostrils (Genesis 2:7). 


Now, pick up My Word, but stop striving with the words. Lie still again before Me, allowing Me to blow My Spirit-Wind through you. Expect Me to breathe My Word into existence within you, so that you may come to Life (Ezekiel 37:12-14). 


Stop and Believe.