The Wonder of Christmas

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Everyone says Christmas is a time of wonder. Well, I have a few wonderings of my own…..


I wonder why Matthew chose to include several mothers in the genealogy of Jesus. Did he have a special bond with his own mom? (Matthew 1:1-17)


I wonder why the two gospel genealogies deviate at the sons of David. One lists David’s son Nathan in the list and the other lists Solomon. (Matthew 1:6; Luke 3:31).


I wonder if Elizabeth was already in menopause when she conceived John the Baptist? (Luke 1:5-6)


I wonder how long Zechariah was in the Holy of Holies before he came out unable to speak? (Luke 1:21-22)


I wonder if Mary stayed to witness the birth of John the Baptist? (Luke 1:24, 56)


I wonder how old John the Baptist was when his parents died? 


I wonder how many Nazareth town’s people thought that Mary got pregnant while visiting her cousin Elizabeth? (Luke 1:39-40)


I wonder if Mary was asleep in her postpartum state when a bunch of dirty shepherds piled into the stable to see her newborn? (Luke 2:15-16)


I wonder if any of these shepherds stood to watch Jesus crucified years later? 


I wonder why Mary, Joseph and Jesus stayed in Bethlehem so many months after Jesus was born? (Matthew 2:11, 16).


I wonder if the little family’s stint in Egypt was funded with the money from the Magi’s gifts? (Matthew 2:13-15)


What have you always wondered about the Christmas story?