The Why of Weakness

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Ever so often, God deems it necessary to remind me of my weakness.


Sometimes it is through sickness or pain. Sometimes through a person I can’t seem to get along with. Sometimes – through a situation I can’t control. And sometimes, unfortunately, it is because of my own hormones.


Through each of these days (weeks, months, years….), I am reminded that I am always dispensable.


He continues to do amazing things, despite any input whatsoever on my part. 


It’s not my thoughts, my words, my wisdom that are important.


(Yeah, I’ve heard that before…)


My flesh hates to feel weak.


I’m always looking toward the day when I can feel strong again. 


Often during the hard days, I feel very “formless and void”. But isn’t it great that even when I feel lifeless, He is still moving?


Seems that the only receptacle of God’s perfect power is a weak vessel. 


In fact, boundaries to our strength are set for a specific reason:


“He made….mankind…having determined their …times and boundaries…that they should seek God.” (Acts 17:26-27).


Ever thought about that?


We come to the end of our rope ever so often, so that we will look for Him.


“And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him.” (2 Chronicles 15:2).


Have you noticed that your most fervent prayers are when you are in the most agonyDo we still wonder then why we experience difficulties?


He wants us to desire His Presence more than we desire strength.


Have a boundary in your life that you can’t seem to cross? Maybe it’s because He is knows you need a deeper look into His face. Why not seek Him wholeheartedly before the test?


So what weakness are you dealing with?

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