The Visit

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The truth is that our petitions had a lot to do with their coming. Mama and Kay were novices at all things aviation, but the fervent call of our five-year-old proved stronger than their fear of flying. 

It almost didn’t happen for problems with tickets, scheduling, and cost. But as their resolve stiffened, mother and daughter boarded the first leg of their 8000-mile trip. 

A typhoon took off in the Pacific about the same time Mama’s 15-hour flight departed from San Francisco. My preschoolers and I anxiously watched the weather and checked the aviation schedule. Two wobbly women emerged when their plane finally landed, seriously questioning whether or not they could brave the flight home. 

“It’s just a typhoon coming,” our five-year-old explained. “They will close the airport now that you are here.”  

Today, I’m anxiously awaiting another visit. This one won’t include my mother, as she is already enjoying her home in heaven. Instead, I’m awaiting a fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit to fall upon our land. 

Lubbock, Texas, as well as many other locations around the globe, is setting aside September 25 – October 5 for united prayer for revival. To date, six continents, 45 countries, and 26 languages will be simultaneously praying in their time zones during these days. The meeting places of some groups are undisclosed for the sake of security. 

Texas has thirteen locations joining the initiative. In our city alone, believers have scheduled over fifty prayer events during these days. Crossing ethnicities and denominations, our local 10-Day point people are encouraging unity in prayer. 

We can already hear whispers of hope. The Spirit is stirring and strengthening His people even as the devil tries to thwart God’s plans. The evil one knows that if believers humble themselves, pray, repent and seek the Father, God will hear and act (2 Chronicles 7:14). 

Find out how you can participate by joining others to pray. Come pray with my prayer group and me in LubbockCheck out prayer events in your area or Zoom into prayer meeting if distance makes attending impossible. And most of all, take the personal 10-Day challenge on the global website to begin impacting your relationship with God and your city. 

A storm is brewing, but our God will arrive just in time.