The True Weight of Bitterness

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I remember reading once that the ancient Greeks punished murderers by tying their victims to the body of the one who was found guilty of the crime. 


Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it gave me an excellent visual of the weight and burden we carry with us when we do not forgive


If you read yesterday’s post , you can imagine that forgiving my abuser was no easy matter. I had carried the guilt for so long that after the truth came to light, I really wanted to stay angry at the one who wronged me. 


Yet, unforgiveness just binds us to the one who mistreated us, rather than allow us to move on. 


Think about it. 


As long as we hold bitterness for someone in our hearts, we have them chained within our thoughts. Our mind loops with the evil we feel toward them and rather than hurting them, we are encouraging our own souls to be filled up with someone we hate.  


When we realize that our souls are the central repository of our emotions and thoughts, why would we set up a place there for an adversary?


Resentment is tower-building.


It quickly stacks the bricks of bitterness with the mortar of malice and blocks the flow of the Spirit.


Grudges plug up the opening between our soul and spirit – disallowing His Spirit to communicate freely with our own. Not at all what we are going for, right?


Want to be a mighty warrior in prayer? Want to see His power released upon you? Start by forgiving. Then watch the wall of resentment topple the fortresses built up in your life against knowing Him (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).  He is the ultimate Forgiver.


O Father, 


I have defiled Your temple within me by harboring thoughts against __________ and giving them more time of soul than I give to You. My unforgiving thoughts have taken space in my soul that was meant to be reserved as a “house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). 


Forgive me for nurturing these thoughts. I stand before You now confessing that I choose to forgive __________. Thank You that my feelings don’t have to instantly reflect my intent. But, I do ask that You bring them along so that I can move forward without malice. 


Level the wall of resentment, so that Your Spirit has free access to flow straight from Your Heart to mine. I don’t want to leave anything standing for the evil one to hide behind. Show me how to go about this act of forgiveness – whether to talk to ________, write them, or whether to await You for more specifics. 


Thank You for forgiving me. O, how I need that daily.


P.S. As my speaking schedule picks up, I am going to cut back on M-F posting. Beginning next week (June 9th-15th, 2013), I will post twice a week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. May the Lord continue to speak to all of us as He reveals His heart on this site.