The Trouble with Trouble (Part 2)

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My pet calf, Trouble, had grown up. And now he would have to be sold.


I decided that if I could somehow trade Trouble’s bovine nature with a human one, it would solve the whole dilemma. That way, he could just live with us forever.


The next day with puffy, tearful eyes, I went to discuss this option with my mom. 


“It’s not a bad idea, Kandy,” she said gently. “In fact, God had the same idea about us. Even though we were very unsuitable for being in His spiritual family, He looked upon us and loved us anyway – kinda like you feel about Trouble.


“Instead of a cow nature, we were all born with a nature that just naturally offends God. The Bible calls that our “sin” nature. In the same way that Trouble really can’t help preferring grass to broccoli and cheese casserole, we were born with the natural ability to offend God with our actions. 


“But remember, God loved us. You know how that feels to love something of a different nature, don’t you? Well, God felt even more so about us. He didn’t want to leave us out in the “pasture”. He wanted to invite us to live with Him as His very own children (John 1:12). So, He sent His own Son, kinda in a “cow-body” so to speak, so that He could show us how a Spirit-nature could live in a human body.


“With Trouble, it wouldn’t be enough that you just tell him how to live in a house.  You know that wouldn’t work. That wouldn’t change his desire to be a bull. You would have to change his whole understanding – his whole nature – in order to allow him to live with us.


“That’s again what God did for us. He took out our old human desires and gave us His desires instead (Ezekiel 36:26).”


“So you mean I would have to die for Trouble to become a human?”  I queried.


“Well, we both know that if you died, you would just go to live with Jesus in heaven,” Mom continued. “You’ve asked Him to come into your heart. But the magic that you desire for Trouble to have a human nature actually happened for us when Jesus died. When He died, He took down all of human nature with Him. Kinda like taking the cow nature out of Trouble. 


“It wasn’t just that Jesus died. Our old offensive nature died on that cross, too (Romans 6:6). When He died, we died. It happened at the same time.”


Throughly confused, I asked, “How can you say that I died? I am obviously still here!” 


My mom smiled. “Yes,” she replied. “And I’m glad you are. But the girl that I see no longer can offend God. That part of you is already dead – already gone. You are rid of the power to irritate Him.”


Rid of the power to irritate God! 


It’s a concept that is quite unbelievable. How can we with all of our imperfection keep from offending God? 


That’s the miracle. That’s what happens when His nature comes to live in us.