The Trial Along the Trail

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Holy Father,


I’ve noticed something about the stoney spiritual path. The proper trail may lead to an intensive trial.  


You led Abram onto a bridleway of blessing (Genesis 12:1-2). Yet, upon arrival, a famine occurred, and he was forced to escape into the Egypt. There was a trial along the trail (Genesis 12:10).


You chose Moses to walk the direction of a deliverer (Exodus 3:4,10).  But along the way, Moses stumbled into years of complaining and rebellion from the very people that he had freed. A trial along the trail (Exodus 14:11; 15:24, 16:2; 17:2; 32:6; Numbers 11:4-6; 12:1-2; 14:1-4; 16:41). 


You led David in the paths of righteousness, but as he followed boldly on, Your walkway dumped him into the valley of shadows. A trial along the trail (Psalm 23:3-4). 


Are you trying to tell me something? 


Your calling, choosing and leading are not into an avenue without anxiety. But into an alleyway of greater dependence. The further we follow You, the more we depend upon Your Presence.


Just because I scrape my knee climbing over boulder on the footpath, doesn’t mean I’ve taken the wrong road. The beaten-down grass before me signals Your Presence and I’m drawn along by Your magnetism – my weakness attracted by Your strength. 


When Your track leads me to famine and dryness, I find it’s easier to seek earnestly for You, the Living Water (John 4:14).


When Your course leads me amidst complaining and unrighteousness, then I’m more eager to hear the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). 


When Your direction finds me in deep depression, I must believe through the fog. You are somewhere close-by, and my prayer for  increased faith is granted (Psalm 23:4; Philippians 4:5). 


You lead inwardly, more than outwardly, as my footwear of peace is more important to you than my hiking boots. May I accept Your order – Your Spirit shepherding mine, my inner man then guiding my outer. 


After all, when I’ve put away my own map, I’m better able to accompany You (Mark 8:34).