The Strong Man and His Opponent

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Arkadi monastery side entrance

“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed” (Luke 11:21).



“House” (“aule” in Greek) depicts the uncovered courtyard found in the center homes when this Gospel was written. You’ve seen the pictures – a square or rectangular house in which the easiest way from one room to another may be by crossing this enclosed plaza. The only way to get into or out of this cobblestone yard was through the house itself. 


Now, let’s visualize a guy who is vigilant about security. He’s aware of thieves who climb up over the roof and gain entrance into homes through this very courtyard area. Determined, he’s not about to let that happen on his watch. So every night, here he stands. Armed to the teeth. Eagle-eyed and attentive, no one escapes his watch. 


Nevertheless, look what happens:


But when someone stronger than he attacks him and overpowers him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied ...” (Luke 11:22).


Our vigilante may be strong and well-armed, but he’s been one-upped. This Second Guy is bigger and has a plan for domination.


The evil one may be heavily equipped with proven weapons of deceit. He may have been deluding a certain individual, family or even people group for years. Yet, the story isn’t over. Jesus is the Someone stronger, who is just awaiting to be released into the situation (1 John 4:4).


So what’s taking Him so long?” you ask.


He is waiting on you. Yes, it’s our prayers that send out “Someone” stronger to overpower deceit with Truth. After all, Final Reality is a power far superior to anything that the evil one can concoct.   


Have you been unleashing His power into the depths of deceit:


In your family?

In your ministry?

In your neighborhood?

In your country?


He is waiting on us to sound the battle cry. Wanna join me on my knees?


Holy Father,


I just want You to know that I’m pretty sure You’ve got the wrong person for this prayer job. I’m weak, inadequate and a little wishy-washy when it comes to prayer. 


All that said, I do want You to know that if You are calling me to prayer, I am willing….even if a little timid. 


I need not only Your direction, but also Your persistence in the work. I know myself and how I get fired up without having the proper follow-through. Keep me motivated, will You?


Bind up the strong man of deceit. He has held my friends and family – yes, even my country under lock and key for far too long. I do believe that You are far greater than he. 


I don’t know how You plan to take him down, but I want to join in the multitude of pray-ers around the globe releasing You against the wicked spirit of deceit. We beg You: “Bind up the strong man, O Lord – by Your power and for Your glory!”. May it begin.



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