The Spark of Anger

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Dear Mentor,


My anger continues to get the best of me. I seem to erupt over the smallest thing lately. Can you help?


                                                   Signed, Burning

ang fla

Dear Burning,


Nature teaches us that there is a spark for every flame. There is also a flint rock within you that ignites every impatience, every bitterness, every jealousy. If, right now, you hand Him the flint of attitude which begins every spark – He will transform the way you ignite your convictions. Instead of combusting into a destructive fire, He will build your zeal into a Holy passion for His glory. 


You won’t understand the how. You just believe in the Who. Every time you are about to smolder, hand Him the flint. Do it daily, do it hourly, do it moment by moment. Invite your Holy Rememberer to remind you as often as needed and leave it at that. This is a process, not a once and done action. Be satisfied with its gradual movement. He is working not only gentleness within you, but also patience.


As this becomes habit, He will help you to “catch” yourself before the flame begins. Not enough for your pride to kick in, but enough for Him to be glorified. What a blessing to know that someone is being saved from a scorching from your tongue. Your purpose is not perfection, but submission.


                                           Grace and peace, Your Mentor