The Realm of the Possible

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There’s a dimension where all things are possible. A realm where the tangled becomes loose, and the unfeasible becomes achievable. Images of the place appear in our dreams, but we seldom access the sphere during daylight hours. We’re vaguely aware of its presence, yet we rarely enter.

This place is very close, yet not in our immediate element. Whether located just above or just within, this realm cannot be accessed through logic. We enter through silence and imaginative intuition, something we rarely have time for anymore.

Shhh. Be stilled. Before you is the portal of faith that transports us above the frustrating dimension of dashed hope. Close your eyes and remember that He is God. He sits on a throne, lofty, exalted, and still in control. 

Once you glimpse Him, affix Him in your thoughts. Leave behind the nay-saying news and stirred emotions. He has opened the heavenlies to you. Rest your mind there. Look around and breathe.

This is the realm of the possible. Unlike commonplace thinking, time spent here encourages hope, joy, and strength. Pausing here frequently transcends understanding and shrinks the how and why into their proper place of insignificance. 

Heretofore, we’ve felt stuck on a rollercoaster of negative emotions. Yet, not in this place. When we link our intuitive mind with His out-of-the-box thinking, all is possible. Let me say that another way: nothing is impossible. 

Pray with me:

Father, I set aside a quiet space in my heart and mind. I renounce all voices of the evil one and muzzle all raging thoughts and emotions. Come, Holy Spirit, and complete the work. 

“Although my heart is overwhelmed, I ask that You lead me to the Rock higher than I (Psalm 61:2). I’ve heard You call me to come up, and I can see the portal opened for me in the heavenlies (Revelation 4:1). Draw me after You that I may run with You there (Song of Songs 1:4).

From this vantage point, the unfeasible melts away. You have invited me into a dimension where all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Whatever You speak is accomplished (Isaiah 55:11). Thank You for being the all-wise, enthroned One, radiating fire and beauty (Ezekiel 1:27-28). 

“As I delight in Who You are, my desires meld into Yours (Psalm 37:4). I wait to see what You will say, for now, that I am willing to hear, I know You will fulfill Your promise to speak (Habakkuk 2:1; John 7:17). Speak, Lord, I’m listening (1 Samuel 3:10). I will believe You beyond the realm of mere possibility‚Ķ.Selah.”