The Process of Sifting

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“…the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold…” 1 Peter 1:7


Unfortunately, although we may have felt crushed at times, stopping here won’t leave us with a pure faith. Because faith is the victory that overcomes, I want to go forward through the process. Let’s move together past these initial trials to watch our faith really shine.


Like the gold our faith is modeled after, the next step is the classifier


Sometimes, this is as simple as a meshed screen. You’ve seen these in the old gold rush movies. “Panning for gold”.


Other larger processors use a large spinning cone. The crushed rock goes in and divides out the bulk of the rock. 


Either way, the idea is to spin the crushed particles to further separate the gold from the rest of the rock.


Separation is a given part of the Christian experience.

“But know that the Lord has set apart the godly man for Himself” (Psalm 4:3).


It’s that weird feeling of not quite fitting into the status quo at work or your sphere of influence. The humor didn’t seem all that funny to you. The conversation – a trifle to shallow. 


Let’s face it. You are different




Well, here is the reason you feel that way. The Master Miner is sifting you on his classifying screen. 




Let the gravel of your life fall through. The nuggets of value are definitely there. He just needs to separate it out. 




Obviously, it’s not your responsibility to be the quarrelsome one. The fruit of the Spirit is peaceful, not argumentative




But as you are bounced in the strainer, know that your goal is endurance. Just get through it. “Only through endurance can you procure the promises.” (Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word, p.81)




Part of your faith refinement is patient steadfastness. Remember all those times that you prayed to be like Christ? Well, He is granting your prayer.




Are you experiencing a sifting right now? How is it going? What has helped you press through?