The Perfect Score

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thinkful woman

If God were to grade your life, what score would you receive?” 




Ellen thought about this question long and hard before answering. As a Chinese, education had been an important part of her entire life. She had worked hard to test into the best high school and was now working to do the same for college. 




You see, each Taiwanese university has a particular rank. The higher the test score, the better placement you received. Ellen had set her sites for the top university on the island and she was wearing herself out to ensure success.



Although she had never thought about grading her life, she easily digested the concept. 




93,” she finally concluded with pride.




A little taken aback with her high evaluation, I continued my query. 




What if the entrance into heaven only accepts perfect scores?” 




From the look within her eyes, I could tell that she had never considered such a standard. Crestfallen, the worry line between her brow deepened and she fell silent. I let the moment sink in several more seconds before quietly offering:



That’s what Jesus is for,” I said. “He is willing to make up whatever points you lack.”




Have you ever thought about that? 




I’ve discovered that He isn’t just interested in getting you admitted into heaven’s university, but in being a daily Companion to cover your weakness even while here on earth. 




Regardless of our insufficiencies, He is adequate to fill in all the gaps. 




We busily try to remove discomfort from our lives, so as to know only ease and prosperity. Yet, Jesus desires that we look not upon our weaknesses, but upon His sufficiency.




My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9, The Message)




Do you realize that actually God needs 



Your frailty more than your forte?



Your impotence more than your influence?



Your vulnerability more than your validity?





You see, His strength needs your weakness as much as your weakness needs His strength.




For when you are weak… that’s when He is especially strong (2 Corinthians 12:10).