The Perfect Ingredients

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Let’s say that you want to teach me to make a cake. We set the time, location and choose the recipe. You ask me to bring the bowl because you want me to take it home and bake it at my house. 


You have a “Whole Foods” flagship store just down the street from your house. Since this supermarket is known for having only the freshest items, you stop by there before meeting me at the designated spot and buy everything on the ingredient list. 


I, on the other hand, decide to “help” by bringing some ingredients I have on hand. And not just in my house either. I’m going to be very frugal and raid my grandmother’s storm shelter for my ingredients. 


Built in 1915, my grandmother kept dry goods cool in this dirt dug-out before she installed electricity on the farm. When I inherited the property a few years ago, I discovered that the cellar still had quite a few items left inside.


Since there were already bags of flour, sugar and baking soda inside, I figure I can save money on our little joint venture by using what is already available. The fact that mice have torn into the bags and a layer of dust and mildew have settled onto everything doesn’t seem to deter me. I measure the ingredients carefully and head to join you.


Now, when we begin the cake, the difference in the quality of our ingredients will be immediately obvious. You can both see and smell the difference. 


Let’s use your bowl,” you offer. “I’ll be happy to supply all the rest.” 


In somewhat similar a fashion, all Christ needs for us to bring forward each day is our “empty bowl” of weaknesses. His fresh ingredients of grace are more than enough to fill any and every circumstance. 


We think that trying to help Him is the best thing to do. Yet, offering Him what we have available – and allowing Him to decide what to do with it, is really the best option. He may need to dump our “dry ingredients” and start from scratch. He alone knows what’s best.


The more of His grace, love and power that we make room for, the better the results. Adding just a little of our stale fleshliness, affects the “whole lump of dough”. 


Let’s begin today by bringing Him our emptiness and asking Him to fill it up with Himself. 


How will that look in your life?