The Meat of His Threes

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While living in South Carolina, we quickly learned about meat and threes. Lots of restaurants offered this home-cooked style, where you can choose your meat and then add three sides to round out your meal. (And you back side for that matter.)


I found that the Father has His own “meat of threes”.


For instance, His whole thing about the Trinity – 3.  The sections of the generations in Matthew – 3. The divisions of the temple – 3.….oh, and then there is…well…


Let’s start at the beginning. Check out Genesis 1:26:


“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness….”


Our image? Our likeness? 


Yeah, He is talking about the Trinity. We are trifold, as He is. Our God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are body, soul and spirit. 


The body is fairly easy. That’s the outside part that we can see with our eyes. 


Our soul? Well, we know that when the Lord breathed the breath of life into Adam, he became a “living soul” (Genesis 2:7 KJV). That Hebrew word “nephesh” consists as the seat of our emotions and active mind. It’s a cool word – you should check it out.


And then there is our spirit. 


Check out Hebrews 4:12: “For the Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit…


Hummm. So, there is a difference between the two – soul and spirit. Our spirit is deeper within than even our minds and emotions. A place that is set up to receive the very Spirit of the Living God. Cool, huh? 


Like we talked about yesterday – it is the very Word of God, coming from God Himself, that flows His Truth into our spirits. And just think what would happen if we were to daily introduce the written Word to the Living Word within us. 


“Each day, as we read His Word, we approach His Presence somewhat as the priests of old entered into the temple. There, in our own “holy of holies,” we present the written word to the Word of Life Himself. No longer do we read the Bible seeking to “get something” out of it. Instead, we bring the Living Word to the feet of the Life-Giver. Fused together, the Word is no longer something that we just read, but is He who lives within us. As we daily practice this spiritual reading, our eyes will be opened to recognize Him (Luke 24:31). His wisdom to understand the Scripture will spill from our spirit into our minds and emotions (Luke 24:45).” – Hungry for More: Feasting on the Word, p.26


Have you brought the written Word before the Living Word today? 


Well, what are you waiting for?