The Keeper

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I drove out this weekend to my sister’s house in the country. 


Along the way, I drove past house after house that had been abandoned. The absence of life was especially evidenced in the deadness of the trees. Gnarled and dry, they no longer provided shade for the lawns, which were dry and dusty themselves.


As I neared my sister’s house, I pulled into their long driveway flanked by a procession of cedar trees. Nearing the house, I once again glanced at the pecan trees and fruit trees that my brother-in-law had planted and tended over the years


The peach trees were ladened with fruit, with several branches touching the ground. There would be plenty to share and my mouth watered just thinking about eating their tree-ripened fruit. 


That night, I visualized the stark contrast between the trees outside my window and those that I had seen at the along the road. 


In West Texas, hardly any trees survive by mere chance. 


Hardy trees means someone has planted and nurtured them.


When no one waters them, few trees survive the frequent drought conditions of this land.


We are so like these trees – in desperate need of a Holy Gardener.


I’m so glad that He doesn’t just drive by ever so often, but has actually made His residence within those who will receive Him. 


To those who are His children, He sings:


“I, the Lord, am (your) keeper; 

“I water (you) every moment.

“So that no one will damage (you), 

“I guard (you) night and day.” (Isaiah 27:3)


Let His Words wash over you. 


Better yet, believe them.



Holy Father,


Thank You for connecting me to Your Source. I praise You that from within my very being You desire to overflow rivers of Living Water. Thank You for allow me to abide daily in You, so that I am of Your Seed. 


I do want to be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water – yielding fruit when the timing is right. Reveal the mystery of Your nourishment, which gives Life not only to me, but the fruit of love, peace and patience to share with others.


Give me perseverance to endure Your cleansing, in order to make me even more fruitful. Thank You that my growth is Your responsibility, not mine. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.