The Implanted Neurostimulator

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I just had my battery replaced. 


Uh-huh… heard right. I function by remote control. 


No, you can’t program my actions from across the room. And try as he may, my husband hasn’t been able to turn off my emotions either.


The battery is linked to a neurostimulator for chronic back pain. It’s a pain management device implanted into my hip. The idea is that the pulsing stimulation will scramble the pain signals to my brain. 


How does it work? 


Well, let’s just say that I’m often smarter than the device.


You know, if you are in Christ, then you too have an implant. You have the Word embedded within you as well.


The Word within isn’t just an add-on like my stimulator gizmo. Your Implant is living, active and always at work within you.


Growing from one area of your life into the next, your Spiritual implant can spread rapidly


The “wires” that He puts out aren’t just random leads, either.  This Living Implant constantly bears new life, in season and out


The resulting Life implant cannot be self-manipulated, but comes only as we hand over our right remote.


Now pause for a moment. Do you believe that this Living Implant is within you?


If you answered yes, then you have an amazing power surging within you. 


When your child embarrasses you, you have Humility available for your reactions.  


When your mentee asks the hard question, you have Wisdom available for a ready answer.


When your co-worker doesn’t follow through with their part of the project, you have Grace available with which to respond.


The implanted Word connects your life to the One who has existed before time began. If, moment by moment, you follow His promptings – you no longer are bound to the “ought-to’s” in life.


His voice accomplishes the “ought-to’s” and more.


Herein lies the key to raising your child for Christ and your mentee in His image:


When you live out the promptings of the implanted Word – then the leads of Life can’t help but implant into others as well. 


Like x-ray vision, those under your authority can see straight into your soul. 


If they see that He has been given your permission to bear His Life within you, His natural magnetism will draw them to Him, too.


As the implanted Word grows strong into your own thoughts and emotions, then your children will eventually desire His implant within them as well. 


If you say He has control, but constantly want your own way – the Implant remains buried in your life, unable to reproduce the leads which will seek to live within others. 


What do you believe about His implanted Word? How is that made evident?