The Great Physician

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Do you need a good doctor? I'd like to introduce you to One today through the 2015 true testimony of Doug and Charlette Hendrick. They would be happy to give you a referral. 


“Doug, there is a mass on your left lung.”

As the words absorbed into their consciousness, Charlette and her husband, Doug leaned forward to examine his X-ray. There, even to the untrained eye, they could see an obvious, lemon-sized shadow on his left lung.Their adult children, Keely and Trent stared at the X-ray in silence.

While their family doctor began explaining next steps, Charlette mind scrambled to sort through the news. Sure, Doug had felt lousy over the past two weeks. He’d experienced increasing congestion ever since smoking meat all day on Valentine’s. But, even though his eating and sleeping patterns were affected, both she and Doug thought he was experiencing some type of lingering bronchitis. When Doug actually suggested visiting a doctor, Charlette knew he must really be sick.

“Could it be cancer, doctor?” Doug’s voice interrupted her thoughts. He’d spoken the very word that Charlette was refusing to entertain.

The doctor answered solemnly,“Yes, unfortunately that’s exactly what it looks like.”

The weeks filled up with medical appointments, chest scans, and the discussion of treatment options. Their pulmonary specialist talked of chemo, radiation and/or surgery — all of which he deemed necessary for Doug’s future health.

But, the family’s moments were filled with a different type of appointment. They regularly visited with their Great Physician.

You know, desperation has a way of stripping prayer of all pretense. It’s easy to pray without ceasing when you can’t get something off your mind. Doug and Charlette offered prayers that had words and prayers that did not. They breathed their prayers, groaned their prayers and cried their prayers. And with every inadequate utterance, they went back boldly to the throne of God, for otherwise “to whom else could they go” (John 6:68)?

Charlette devoured the Gospel of Luke during this time. With so many of healings recorded therein, she found hope in the midst of her anguish. In Luke 5:12, the cry of the leper became Charlette’s as well. “Lord, if You are willing, You can heal Doug,” she prayed incessantly. “I’m asking this not because of what I’ve done, but because of Who You are.”

While they prayed, many others came along to join them. When their faith wavered, the cries of persistent friends remained constant on Doug’s behalf. They had a first-hand look of how sweet the incense of prayer is to God (Revelation 8:3-4). In addition to their prayers and those of their friends, they were encouraged to remember that Christ Himself “always lives to make intercession” for us (Hebrews 7:25). What a blessed promise.

As Doug’s condition progressed, the pulmonary specialist asked for another X-ray before beginning the dreaded chemo. Something was up when Doug’s imperturbable doctor returned to their examination room fumbling over his words.

“Um…well…your X-ray is different,” he floundered. “This…this isn’t common in a mass. Um….you see, they don’t shrink without treatment…but…um…well, yours has.”

Charlette immediately replied, “You know, you are a great doctor. But there is a doctor better than you.” When his eyebrows raised, she continued, “His Name is the Great Physician. Do you know Him?”

Have you met the Great Physician? Doug and Charlette's family know Him personally. He is definitely worth getting to know. And you never know, you may need His services one day.