The Gift of Discovery

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By: Traci Payne

Sitting on my patio one morning writing in my journal, I suddenly found myself in the middle of a vivid daydream, spurred on by the thought: “Social Media is like a party.” I saw myself attending this “party” by “walking in,” “visiting” with different people by making comments or “having conversations” and wanting to know what everyone was up to. I also noticed I could “stand in the corner” while quietly watching everything around me while not saying a word. Whether I engaged with the other “party guests” or just stood idly by to watch, my mind was bombarded with myriad thoughts, words, images, and emotions that now entirely had my attention.

As the daydream continued, I thoroughly “planned” to stop by the “party,” say “Hi,” and then leave after a few minutes. However, on my way out the door, I was stopped by one friend wanting to show me a video of their hamster in a costume and someone wanting to share a funny story about their kids. Since I was interested in what they were showing me or saying, a few more minutes passed. I was still trying to leave the “party” and intended to do so. Still, on my way “out the door,” I was “stopped” in the same manner at least 27 more times with fascinating stories, pictures and videos to see, recipes to hear about, little one-liners that made me think, and so on! I finally made it out of the “party,” but now I felt like my mind was a big jumbled pile of spaghetti!

None of these interactions at this “party” I attended were morally wrong; however, they prevented me from another Person I was supposed to be meeting . . .

That Person was Jesus, waiting for me behind the wheel of a car —a fancy red convertible—expecting me to come out of the “party.” He wasn’t tapping his watch or honking the horn; instead, He was patiently waiting for me to finish my interesting conversations, people-watching, and all the things distracting me. He had a plan for us. He had an adventure to take me on, and He couldn’t wait to show me! He wasn’t mad at me, but I was the one who had missed out.

That was the end of the daydream, but the scenario of spending way too much time getting lost looking at all forms of social media was not wasted on me. I realized at that moment just how often I keep him “out in the driveway” of the party waiting on me and how many adventures I have already missed because my brain was too distracted and busy with things that have no eternal significance to come “outside” into the quiet and spend time with him.

John 10:10 is a powerful verse that speaks to the truth of this. The enemy is slick and sneaky and doesn’t have to work as hard if he can distract us with something we think is fun. The problem is that we’re missing out on an “abundance” that we can’t imagine. In the Blue Letter Bible Interlinear translation of the Greek, “abundance” means “over and above, more than is necessary, superadded.” How about that? God wants to give us over and above and more than is necessary!

This invitation is for everyone, but you must receive it by saying “YES!” to Him! Yes, to His ways! Yes, to finding Him in His Word! Yes, to walking away from habits of ease and creating patterns around pursuing Him! We won’t regret it, I promise! May He be the Distraction that distracts us from our distractions.