The Fruit of Discouragement

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“Every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” (John 15:2)


Think about the spiritual fruit that you most desire to bear – let’s say joy, for instance. 


What happens when He nips our bud of joy?


I’m discovering that it gives me a perfect opportunity to truly know the source of the fruit. If my joy is produced from the depth of the Spirit, then His gentle snip where new leaves of joy appear will affect me very little. There will be plenty of joy-sap surging deep within ready to grow elsewhere


However, all to often, His pruning shears cause me great discouragement


The wound of a dispirited heart reveals a shallow root. When it shows up in my life, I can know that it’s because I have put my eyes on how my own branch looks, rather than the actual Source of the Vine. 


His Vine can’t produce discouragement as He is always plugged into the lifeline of Hope.


Discouragement is a good barometer to check where we are truly sourced. If, after a few days of the pruning, we haven’t accepted the Gardner’s Hand, we can know that His will has not truly become our own. 


We are always in a process. He is pleased with our growth and like a careful bonsai Master uses the knife gently and often daily to keep us healthy. 


Let’s find thankfulness in every tiny snip. For, as long as our wills are tender, the trim can be that with daily gentleness. May we never stiffen our hearts to such an extent that it needs a more harsh tactic. 


“Thank You Father for Your gentle Hand of discipline in my life. Reveal to me the tenderness of every place that You must prune. In turn, may I bear more fruit for those who need Your love, joy and kindness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”