The Fruit from Years of Prayer

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Today’s prayer testimony is by Maurice Hollingsworth, pastor of First Baptist Church of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Maurice and wife, Nancy, are two of those special friends, who help in crises – large or small. 


How do I know? Well, remember the little accident I mentioned last week when Hannah was learning to drive? Yeah, it happened on a weekend when we weren’t around. Maurice not only took care of the details, but also our daughter’s nerves. (Thanks again, friend.)




God has been doing incredible things. Recently, over 42 decisions for salvation were made at a recent revival and our church body was more excited than ever. 



One of my BBQ buddies, who is also a state policeman in our congregation, has been very influential in leading several law enforcement professionals to the Lord. However, his own 15-year-old son has been reluctant. 



Together, we had been praying for his son for several years. 



A few nights ago, in the last fifteen minutes of the message, I felt the Lord urge me to pray for Estevan by name.  I just had a sense that the moment had come for this teenager to follow Christ, but that only God could breathe life into himI bowed my head and asked the Lord to free him from his fear and shyness. 



Although Estevan’s dad was working that night, his mom had brought him to the service. During the response time, the young man walked forward to receive Christ, along with many others. 



At that very moment, though still on the job, his dad swung by the church in full uniform to catch the last few minutes of the service. There were many others at the front, so he could not see his son.



I motioned for him to come forward. Because policemen are truly into propriety, he thought I was just waving him into the service. 



I continued to motion, until he made his way reluctantly, alongside me.  Upon arrival at the front, he burst into tears, as did I. We both saw that the years of prayer had borne fruit that night.  



God’s timing will always be a mystery, but none of us could have orchestrated the beauty of what God set in motion that night. I was reminded of James 5:16 which says: “Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”