The Fruit-Bearer

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humiliated heart

I grew up in a small, rural church as the only “regular” under the age of 45.


From the time my mother began taking me to Pansy Church, Bobbie Trull was my mentor.


Bobbie unfolded the Gospels to me during my impressional elementary years.


She believed in me during my awkward middle school years.


She taught me to pray during my exploratory high school years.


Indeed, she impacted my life as no other single woman, outside my own mother.


Bobbie was a fruit-bearer. She’d been chosen and appointed to go bear fruit – fruit that should last (John 15:16).


Her “choosing” simply meant that she’d been picked out and set apart especially for God’s own use. Never large and in charge, Bobbie could always hear the still, quiet voice of the Father’s whisper. She said that the lower she felt to the ground, the higher the Voice she was positioned to hear (1 Corinthians 1:27-28). I guess it sometimes takes a humiliated heart to be lowly enough to listen to the Heights.


But Bobbie wasn’t only picked out, she was also set down or “appointed” into the fruit-bearing Vine of Christ. When she sourced from the Vine, she surged with His fruit of love, joy, peace and patience (Galatians 5:22-23). She taught me that bearing Spirit-fruit is the expressed purpose of a grafting into the Vine. “After all”, she would say, “it’s ‘by His doing (that) you are in Christ, (and He is the reason that you now have) wisdom…righteousness and sanctification and redemption’ (1 Corinthians 1:30). Don’t ever forget that.”


I’m thankful to have witnessed a fruit-bearing life like that of Bobbie Trull. In her latter years, Bobbie’s letters to us would often begin “The elder, to the beloved Mark, Kandy, Hannah and Hilary, whom I love in the truth…” How blessed I am to have had such a prayer warrior. I still treasure many of her letters, which included entire passages of Scriptures that she prayed for our family.


Bobbie, the fruit-bearer, went to be with the Vinedresser in the fall of 2001. I no longer believe just because of what Bobbie said; now I have heard His call for myself and know that I too am to go and bear fruit that shall last (John 4:42; 15:16). Thank you, Bobbie. May I be faithful to the task.


In whose life are you bearing fruit in today?



Bobbie and I in 2001.

Canyon picture courtesy of Sara Jeng Grewer.