The Focus of Christmas

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He’s not still a baby.


Here in this season where we remember the birth of Christ, it’s sometimes hard to remember the grown up Jesus that we serve. 


Maybe it’s easier to adore a tender baby than a mature Spirit


God is Spirit and those that worship Him must do so with their spiritual being (John 4:24). 


To worship this way means that we come before Him daily with a willingness to be influenced by Him. 



You see, as a newborn baby, Jesus:


Drew the angels out of hiding to sing His glory (Luke 2:8-14)


Pulled the Magi out of Asia to bow before Him (Matthew 2:1-2).


Impacted both Simeon and Anna out of waiting to erupt in His praise (Luke 2:21-38).



But, as the resurrected God, the Christ:


Sways our hearts out of the mundane to press toward Him (Ephesians 3:16-19).


Impacts our minds out of our worldly thinking to glimpse His brilliance (2 Corinthians 3:17-18).


Bends our wills out of a stiff-necked existence to seek His face (Jeremiah 31:3).



The Divine Seed is now growing within us. May we be transformed this season to act like it.