The Factory and the Farm

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How much time do you spend asking the Lord to change you?


What would you say if you found out that He already has


Let’s say that you have really been wanting a new Honda CRV. A little obsessed with the desire, you find yourself stopping by the dealership after hours and staring at the exact vehicle you want. You decide to start a CRV fund and begin thinking of ways to save money for that car. You ask family to help you out by donating to the fund instead of giving you birthday or Christmas gifts. 


Now after spending all of this time and energy, wouldn’t you feel a little silly if one of your friends pointed out that you already have that same color, make and model sitting in your garage? It’s been there all along. You didn’t need to ask or hope for it. You already had it.


It’s the same way when we keep asking God to forgive us for something that He has already forgiven us for.  When we confess our sins, He always wipes them away – immediately and permanently (1 John 1:9). 


Picture a Magna Doodle. One of its inherent features is its impermanence. No matter what you draw on it, it is easily erased with a simple slide of the bar.


Your new nature is precisely that – impermanent to sin. It just doesn’t stay there. With a simple confession, God swipes His Holy Hand across the sin and instantly, it is wiped off your heart. It may take you a while to forget the pain or embarrassment, but not God. Listen to what He says:


“I, even I, am the One who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins.” (Isaiah 43:25)


He’s not doing it according to how it makes you feel. He is doing it for His own sake.


I abhor cigarette smoke. It probably started with my childhood asthma and dad’s smoking-induced heart attack. If I had my way, I would rid the world of cigarettes. I would order all “smokes” to be irradiated from every home and store, but that wouldn’t really take care of the problem, would it? If I didn’t deal with the factories and tobacco farms, it would only be a temporary solution. To really squelch the problem, I would need to take care of the source, right? 


Don’t you think God thought of that in regard to our sin? Do you think that He would forgive us of our sin at salvation and then leave us with a 24/7 sin factory?


Ridiculous, huh? No, He didn’t just eradicate the existing goods. He razed the whole sin works – factory and farm! That’s what your new nature is all about. An all new plant with absolutely no equipment to produce lasting sin!


I’m praying that the Father will open your eyes to see who You already are in Him. You really are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) . He didn’t only forgive you for what you have done – He forgave you for what you would do. Nothing that you can do offends Him anymore. 


Hallelujah! May you see it clearly and relax into just such freedom. 


I’m praying for you.