The End of the Ought-To’s

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law of love

“Christ is the end of the Law” (Romans 10:4).


He is the end of all your jots and tittles — the end of all the ought-to’s and should-have’s. He ended the need for the Law because through Him all requirements are complete (Romans 8:4). It is finished (John 19:30).


The requirement for perfection has now been fulfilled within you. Your soul is restored (Psalm 19:7a).


The requirement for reliability has now been fulfilled within you. You are wise although you once were simple (Psalm 19:7b).


The requirement for righteousness has now been fulfilled within you. Your heart instantly rejoices (Psalm 19:8a).


The requirement for purity has now been fulfilled within you. Your eyes are enlightened (Psalm 19:8b).


The requirement for cleanliness has now been fulfilled within you. He endures forever there (Psalm 19:9a).


The requirement for truthfulness has now been fulfilled within you. His Word is continues there — eternally righteous (Psalm 19:9b).


Having Jesus within you completes you. He is sweeter than honey and the dripping of the honeycomb (Psalm 19:10). His Presence is ever with you, warning at times, rewarding at others. Because of His obedience, you have been made righteous (Romans 5:19). Because of His sacrifice, you have been forever sanctified (Hebrews 10:10). You are even forgiven of hidden faults and presumptuous sins (Psalm 19:12-13). As you present yourself to God as a weapon of righteousness (Romans 6:13), you are blameless in Him (Psalm 19:13). His blood cleanses your guilty conscience that you can freely worship Him (Hebrews 9:14).


The Law demands love, but can’t deliver it. Christ fulfills the Law’s demands because He is Love (Ephesians 3:19; 1 John 4:16). “Now we have been released from the Law” (Romans 7:6). “Apart from the Law, sin is dead” (Romans 7:8). Hallelujah!



O Father, reveal the pure truth of all that You have accomplished for me through Jesus. Thank You that sin can no longer be charged to my account since I’m dead to the ought-to’s (Romans 5:13; Romans 7:4). You turned the need for my ought-to’s upside down through Your Love. “Love therefore is the fulfillment of the Law” (Romans 13:10. Teach me to walk in newness of the Spirit, not in the oldness of ought-to’s (Romans 7:6). Fix my attention on You, not on my performance (Hebrews 12:2). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.