The Difference Between Knowing and Being

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My girls are together this week. That means that all three grandsons are together as well. 


And I am 8000 miles away. 


That means that my interaction with my grandsons must be relegated to a flat screen. As wonderful as the computer is, an image just isn’t the same. It’s not warm, sticky and moist like the real thing. It doesn’t wrinkle my clothes and exhaust me. Yes, I am definitely missing out on being with them in person.
The Apostle John described the same scenario in the first chapter of his epistle. 


“For the law was given by Moses, grace and truth came by Jesus Christ”. 


(So how does this relate to preschoolers?) 


Although a picture of the boys is adorable, it still remains untouchable. The written word alone is the same way. Two-dimensional with length and width, it had no depth. The idea was good, but there was no power behind the flat knowledge. 


The law was just handed out. Even the verb tense is passive in nature.


But – wow – look what happens when Jesus enters the picture. With His advent came the active unfolding – the energetic creation – the vital spark of God’s thoughts made evident. 


All of the sudden, grace and truth were warm, sticky and moist – a touchable, huggable, experiential actuality. 


In Him lies the difference between the knowing and the being. 


The law can be recognized. He can be experienced. 


Be still from your search to know and ask for His touch to live. His grace and truth spill within anyone that He nears.


Will you let His life expand within you today?